Hayley watched as he quickly pushed his way through to the bathrooms at the far end of the club.  Then, taking a small packet from her clutch bag, she sprinkled the last of the powder into his drink and swizzled it round to ensure that no chalky remnants were visible.

They’d been talking on Tinder for a few days now.  He’d been very forward and suggestive from the start, saying she was exactly the type he went for.  Normally she’d have told him where to go, but she had needs too, requirements to be satisfied.

So, they agreed to meet for a drink.  And now here they were enjoying more in some sleazy downtown club.  He’d suggested the venue as it was just around the corner from the hotel he’d already booked.  This was followed up with a lecherous wink. He was about as subtle as a second-hand car salesman which, to no surprise, he was.

It was his wife who’d booked her.  She’d long suspected he was being unfaithful, so in desperation had hired Hayley.  She wanted first hand evidence of his infidelities so she could take the bastard to the cleaners.

It was what Hayley specialised in: part Private Investigator, part honey trap.

She now had all the evidence she required, so picked up her jacket and headed towards the club exit. She smiled as she left, imagining him still there on the toilet.

The bag of laxative was always her parting gift for the cheating, ahem, shits.

My daily micro fictions are no longer than 250 words and are inspired by word-of-the-day at www.dictionary.com

The word of the day for 20 November 2022 was “swizzle“. Photo from my street archives. See more of my street photography at www.thatdarrenlehane.uk

All stories & photography © 2022, DBA Lehane. All rights reserved. Please do not use or reproduce in any way without the expressed written permission of the author. Please contact me.

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